Thursday, 3 January 2013

2013 - My Year of...?


This Christmas and New Year holiday has been very sober for me. Extremely sober - infact no need for English - absolutely boring! *sigh* Thanks to my NYSC programme I couldn't travel to Accra to spend the holiday with my family (for some weird reason as I typed that I hoped one NYSC official would read and just give me an award, it would make it all worth it, maybe I should send it as a broadcast to my bbm contacts and add; Please keep broadcasting till it reaches the NYSC officials – yeah right!). So no family and I never imagined how lonely that could feel.

I nearly hit rock bottom, no anxiety to cook Christmas morning rice and chicken, no visitors (no one wants to visit a single girl with no rice and chicken and no money to give away) but all in all! I made it to 2013!

I dragged myself into church at 11:15pm on New Year's Eve and couldn’t help (even in my down state) to feel that surge of excitement as we counted down into 2013. Finally it’s here! 2013, what would it bring? What would be achieved this year? I haven’t seen any posters like I used to see in 2009 etc. with “2009 – my year of restoration” and so forth. Maybe it’s too early to say. I should go and check cars as they pass. The pastor didn’t say any of those either so I’m going to come up with mine!


This year no resolutions on diet; that is one of the hardest resolutions to maintain! I did it last year, won’t fool myself again I’m looking forward to my life post-NYSC for sure, wrapping up in February and going into PR, SEGI’s is going to spread out to more shops in Lagos and Abuja and PAGES Models are going to be everywhere! Yep!

It’s going to be a busy year, I hope. I like busy.

Still cracking my head about what tag line to use for the year; I want one sha, to me, it’s like a prophesy, a declaration, a proclamation of good things of come! I think we should all have one. Do you have one? What is yours? Maybe it would help me come up with mine. Hmmm!

2013…My Year of….



NB: ODE – isn’t my name, it’s the Urhobo way of saying ‘till tomorrow’ or ‘goodnight’ (shortened way)