Monday, 6 May 2013


SEGI's is a brand that's growing day by day, baby steps I keep saying and we are getting there. Did you know we are now in three(3) stores in Lagos? Maryland, Iju Road and Yaba (look to your right for the exact addresses and stop carrying last)

 Some months back, I wanted a logo for SEGI's - an identity for it and I knew just the right person to call - Dara; my one time assistant editor of PAGES Magazine (well the edition is still in the pipeline...hehehe). She was the first person i saw that had a passion for the magazine work like it was hers and though i never told her then, i was greatly impressed.

Dara had shown me some works of hers and i loved them.

After explaining what i wanted to her, she came up with this and i was thoroughly impressed again.

The SEGI's logo - I wanted it to represent a haven that was over flowing with African fabrics that were used to create amazing pieces and that's what I see when I look at the logo, and I have one person to thank for bringing it to life - Oluwadara Adaja. She's just 20 years old and a Student of Economics in the University of Ghana, Legon. Her interests include Art, Fashion and Food (I like this part)

If you're a young-growing business like SEGI's and need a logo or any amazing artwork, do contact her. See more of her work below!!

Business name: "Hippo Art"
Contact details: Phone number: (+233)024122140
Email address:
We love our Logo, We love Dara!