Thursday, 28 March 2013

J'ODIE rocks SEGI's in her 'AFRICAN WOMAN' video

J'ODIE rocks SEGI's accessories - bangles and earrings in her African Woman video! We love the video and the song! Amazing song-writer and vocalist that she is, we wish her all the best! Watch below:


Love the accessories you see? Drop your comments and let us know!!!

SEGI's - FABULOUSLY AFRICAN and so is J'odie - *wink*

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


9 months after our Anniversary sale, if you missed it, check out the photos: SEGI's is giving you another reason to stay fabulously African in the month of March as we present the AMAZING SEGI's GIVEAWAY!

On Saturday;16th of March 2013, SEGI's will be at the The Mobile Market: No. 9B Isaac John Street, G.R.A Ikeja giving to you; our customers and lovers again (wide smile)! All you have to do is be there (9b Issac John, Ikeja) , pick the item you love and get it at its discounted price!!

You have a tight schedule and can't be there? Or just too lazy to leave your house (we know those people) No worries! SEGI's will be putting up photos of each item on their twitter and facebook pages as well as their blog every 5 minutes! Fastest fingers gets the items posted and they can be delivered to you at a very low cost, anywhere in Nigeria!

Still want further discounts??? Then do one or all of these:

1) Follow us on twitter; you get 5% off the item: @segisonline

2) Like our facebook page and get 5% off:

3) Follow our blog and get 5% off:

Items being given away include ankara/aso-oke/kente bags, belts, ankara designed tank tops and buttoned tops, ankara wrap skirts, foot wears and many more! Items as low as 500 naira and not more than 6,000 naira!

When you follow or like us: send us a message so we know and we can reply with a special code just for you (James Bond things)

Remember, prices of these items would only be that low on the 16th of March! So! Call a loved one and let's get Shopping!