Friday, 25 November 2011


SEGI's will be at Le Petite Marche (LPM) this Sunday! LPM is a great event for shopping and networking at the GET Arena in Lagos. Come and pick up fabulous and unique African pieces for yourself or for friends and loved ones for the Christmas holidays!

Ankara wallets, bangles, earrings, belts, slippers, wedges, bags, tops available!

The November edition of LPM is on Sunday. Come with friends and family for the fabulous shopping experience.
Date: Sunday 27th November 2011
Time: 12 Noon – 7 PM
Venue: GET Arena, Opposite Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos

See you on Sunday!

Friday, 11 November 2011


Just last week, I blogged about how poorly we did at the just ended MISS WORLD pageant. Well, we all witnessed it too; so no be say, na only me talk am. I specifically begged for better queens; well, my plea was mostly to Silverbird Group as I innocently thought they were the only ones guilty of giving us those kinds of queens (I no wan use word spoil person, but…you get sha!)

On Thursday evening (10th of November, 2011) I tuned my TV station to Africa Independence Television (AIT)  and BOOM! I first see some girls sitting with a very beautiful woman and chit chatting. I quickly recognized the woman as the ever beautiful Nike Oshinowo and then I see the girls in white and green t-shirts and I see MISS NIGERIA on their tees and it hits me! MISS NIGERIA contestants then I begin to scan faces! As you must know by now, I love pageants. I start scanning oh and my heart starts to drop, I look left, look right and I’m dazed! One ordinary looking girl after another (I’m sorry if I’m harsh but I have to speak). From ordinary to even downright ugly! Now if you are one of the girls, or a friend to, or a relative of or a boyfriend to; no vex, but the moment you or they sign up for a beauty contest, they’ve given us all liberty to judge how they look! So biko, if you dey vex, you can close the page or kindly check my older post and read oh! Ndo, biko, I must sha speak! Hian!

Now, last year when auntie Nike crowned the 1st Miss Nigeria, I was a bit taken aback because coming from her I expected more, but then we thought ok, maybe she would better it. Now I look at the contestants and I cringe! Biko, I and my friends have a question “Auntie Nike, ekaro oh! No vex oh but where you carry all these girls from?” To say I’m disappointed is an understatement! I am shaken to my beauty core! If you have been privileged to see the pictures on Facebook, you will understand.

Sometimes, in pageants, the girls blossom after several weeks of training but I not only struggle but FAIL to see where these girls will blossom to oh! Is Auntie Nike’s plan to show us that there are no fine girls in our obodo Nigeria? Least I forget, some of these girls were recruited the UK and the USA. So even far and wide, over the seas and beyond, na wetin we fit gather be this? On looking at the pictures you’d ask yourself; Miss Anything-Goes Nigeria?” When watching the show yesterday the girls were feeling all confident and cool (as usual) and where going on and on about what they can do or have achieved. One graduated with three (3) degrees (USA), another was working two jobs (Britain), one was the youngest graduate accountant (or so) in 2009, and one could run a 200metres race in 5seconds, and on and on. I thought to myself “and so what?” don’t get me wrong, these are fantastic qualities but for a MISS NIGERIA abeg fine first then I can be dazed! But then again, maybe that's the aim! Hmmm! Then please tag it 'MISS BRAINY NIGERIA" not "MISS NIGERIA"! Haba!
A friend of mine; Jennifer Ukoh said Fine girl doesn’t always equal beauty queen”, well with all the politics being played, she’s right! Honestly speaking I expected so much better because this was Nike Oshinowo; former beauty queen and style icon; well! Maybe I was raising my hopes a bit too high! Now all I can say is ‘Auntie Nike, please pick a befitting queen” At least from what I can see there are about nine that are fine there, so the judging shouldn’t be too hard, abi? Eight (8) out of thirty-seven (37) girls! Maybe they didn't have enough people auditioning and had to add some girls to complete 37! Chia! Chimo! Things are hard!
SLIM SS                – Is that a model? OMG! See her waist folding! Is it that they didn’t see girls?
BE.FL                     - Choi Daphne, why did Naija do this to us na… I was pissed yesterday when I was checking them out online
TES                         - Are these the contestants? These ones too?
RICH                      - This one na error!
AD. BA                  - I saw the site, I almost died of laughter mehn
LE. KP                    - Is this a joke?
UG SK                   - F***!  Where are all these girls from?
NE. NWA             - Don’t tell me this one is a contestant! Na wa oh!
TO. AD                  - I saw the first picture, I almost fainted! Is it that nobody bought forms and they picked girls randomly or what? I don’t get it!
J. SHA                    - we lost hope since Miss Taraba won MBGN
Mz A.                    - ‘Mrs’ Nigeria

Hmmmmm…. My own first reaction was ‘BLOOD OF GOD!”

Here are pictures of the girls, what are your own reactions?

In my opinion, the girls that are okay and could get the crown are; Cross River, Benue, Abuja, Bauchi, Edo, Anambra... maybe Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom and Abia...! Hmmm! But I would vote for Cross River any day! 


Tuesday, 8 November 2011


The Mobile Market (TMM) hosts fairs every month that provide an avenue for small business entrepreneurs & designers to showcase their work & meet clients and for customers to shop at affordable prices.

SEGI's was part of the fair that happened on the 8th of October 2011 at 25 Adekunle Fajuyi Way, Off Isaac John Street, G.R.A. Ikeja. Here are some pictures from the fair. (More pictures coming soon)

PHOTO BY TCD (thank you Tobbie)

Next stop for SEGI's is Le Petite Marche (LPM) on the 27th of November! Fingers crossed!