Monday, 5 November 2012

NYSC CAMP: Helping you get your heart, mind and body ready!

Orientation Closing ceremony parade
“Corpers wee” “waa!” it’s a day to the beginning of the National Youth Service Corps journey for another batch again! And I can imagine the mix of emotions they are going through. At least I had a mix of emotions; excitement, anxiety, a bit of uncertainty based on the horror stories I had been told, and the uncertainty of what to expect. Well, if you are like me, you must have been told a lot of stories, by those who have been there and even those who haven’t (and trust me, na dem dey get story pass).

Honeywell girls dance competition. LMAO!

Let me burst some myths: Camp is FUN! And I’m not making this up. The orientation programme (camp) is filled with so much more than anyone will tell you. All you have to do is have a positive mindset. YES! Amidst the 4:30am drills on the parade ground, the stress of registration, the horrible bathrooms(which is caused by us; corpers) and all, there are the awesome roommates you’ll meet (I had some of the best), roommates from different parts of the country with different stories and personalities, the late night gisting and singing, the drama of boy-girl three weeks relationship (LMAO), the girls who go to mami market to chop suspecting and un-suspecting guys’ money, OBS (Orientation broadcasting Service) and its love shout-outs, the funny commandants, platoon coordinators and much more.
Corpers fitting and amending and making NYSC khaki's white shirts and more. These guys make tons of money!!

 · DISINFECTANT (Dettol, Savon, etc) – This is absolutely necessary! To use when bathing, peeing or using the toilet. It gives a bit of assurance that you are not carrying germs. (I still shudder at the toilet, my only bad experience)

· FOOD FLASK, CUP WITH A LID AND WATER BOTTLE: The food flask is very good as well, in case you are not ready to eat NYSC food at the time it’s being served, you can keep your food till 10am. NYSC gives breakfast, lunch and dinner but you must take along your meal ticket which will be given to you at the mobilization (registration) stage. The cups with lids, would help you take pap (ogi) instead of putting it in your flask and having no where to put your akara or moi moi

· STAPLER: Now, some of you might be like “huh?” well yes! Take a small stapler. It would save you 10 naira on every item you need to staple and during mobilization, you will staple a lot!!! Forms, pictures and more. So have it with you. If you can buy glue, that’s good, because you pay 10 naira too for that.

 · INSTEAD OF TENNIS SHOES, GET SNEAKERS/CANVAS: Honestly, the tennis shoes are harder to maintain! They get dirty (as they are white) and are harder to wash and dry, but the sneakers or canvas are easier to clean with a sponge and move on.

 · HANGERS AND PEGS: you will need this to dry underwears, handkerchiefs, shoe laces and clothes (if you decide to wash your things in your room).

 · BATHROOM SLIPPERS: Helps for walking around the hostel and going to the bathroom as you will be wearing socks and canvas/ sneakers/ tennis shoes/ boots all day

 · WHITE SHIRT AND SHORTS: Have enough, 6 is ok as NYSC would give you two pairs. Now note that anything NYSC would give you WILL NOT be fit to size even the boots, as almost everything is extra large (lol)! So I wore my XL NYSC shirts for early morning drills, they were perfect!!

 · PASSPORT PICTURES: Have at least 12 passport photos with you, as NYSC will suck all your photos! Everything needs pictures so, between 12-15 to be on the safe side.

 · PHONE CHARGING MONEY: You can try to avoid them but you will eventually NEED them. There are guys who charge phones for 50 naira per charge. So have that budgeted.

Martial Arts display by corpers

There will be fun activities like MISS NYSC and MR. MACHO, Talent Hunt competitions, Debate competitions, Dance and Drama competitions and of course, the usual concerts! There was the BEAT FM/ NAIJA FM concert in Lagos Camp and artistes like Banky W, Tiwa Savage, Praiz, Vector and other have been there! So it’s FUN (like I said in the beginning). Try to participate in at least one! I was the chaperone for MISS NYSC and MR. MACHO and I helped my platoon in drama competition. It was an interesting experience, all in all!
Cultural dance competition

 WOW! I have written oh! See how much I loved my camp experience? For me to type this epistle, well, I would be writing more about MY CAMP EXPERIENCE in more posts than just want to buy and others. If you have your experience to share; past corpers or current corpers who have gone through camp please share, ABEG all ye who haven’t entered camp, BIKO! Don’t share!
Some people took Mami Market chilling to another level! lol!

 Send me an email with questions about CAMP to and I shall quickly reply. Before or during camp; And if you have a story to share; let me know too. For now; call a friend to read this, it might make Camp easier!!!

 *I was at Iyana Ipaja Lagos Camp and all photos were taken by me at camp.ODE!