Thank you for your interest in shopping SEGI's!

Prices for SEGI's bags range from 2,500 NR to 10,000 NR.

This is how it work:
1. Email us: or call: 08162908025 and request the item number/name you want
2. Let us know whether you want it delivered or would like to pick up. Pick up is available in Agege. If you want it delivered please send us your exact address.
3. We would then reply with the cost.

Thank you!

SEGI's Jite Bag (Blue) - SG13001
SEGI's Jite Bag (Gold) - SG13002
SEGI's Jite Bag (Gold) - SG13002

SEGI's Jite Bag (Pink) - SG13003
SEGI's Jite Bag (Yellow/Brown) - SG13004

SEGI's Jite Bag (Yellow/Brown) - SG13004

SEGI's Jite Bag (Purple) - SG13005

SEGI's Jite Bag (Pink) - SG13006

SEGI's LE Bag (SPL) - SG13007

SEGI's LE Bag (Gold) - SG13008

SEGI's LG Cutie Bag (Pink) - SG13009

SEGI's LG Cutie Bag (Patchwork) - SG13010

SEGI's Ese Bag (Patchwork) - SG13011

SEGI's Sm Cutie Bag (Yellow/Brown) - SG13012 / SEGI's Sm Cutie Bag (Dark Gold) - SG13013 

SEGI's Sm Cutie Bag (Red/Black) - SG13014 / SEGI's Sm Cutie Bag (Kente - red) - SG13015
SEGI's Lg Cutie Bag (Adire) - SG13016

SEGI's Lg Cutie Bag (Kente - Purple) - SG13017

SEGI's Lg Cutie Bag (Yellow/Green) - SG13018

SEGI's Lg Cutie Bag (Kente - red) - SG13019

SEGI's Lg Cutie Bag (kente- green) - SG13020

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