Tuesday, 31 January 2012

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Love Story by Ebisan

Okay, I love this video! And let me tell you why, because it looks so well planned and thought through! Storyline; check! Cast: check! Location: check! Cinematography: check! COSTUME: triple check!

The clothes are just too gorgeous and on seeing it first, I instantly recognised it, the clothes are off GREY's latest collection! She rocked them well! Her vocals are amazing, the lyrics are so good! Just like what I would sing what every girl would sing. And of course Joseph Benjamin is delicious! *coughs and adjusts halo* he try sha!

PS: I want the blue weaved dress and the short ankara dress! Who loves me? *wink* Vals day dey come oh! Oya prove thy love!

Watch and judge for yourself!

See the outfits she wore on the Runway:



  1. The she looks Good on Runway x


  2. I agree I love the Ankara and Love long Maxi Dress!!!!