SEGI’s is an African Fashion accessory brand dedicated to the creation of beautiful handbags, wallets, purses, footwear for male and female, belts, bangles, earrings, brooches, hairpieces, tops with Ankara designs using beautiful African fabrics like Ankara, Aso-Oke, Kente and beads.

Inspired by the desire to infusing the African fabrics in a stylish way into our everyday wear; SEGI’s is very affordable for the young African. With beautiful pieces, affordable prices and fantastic finish; SEGI’s is the label that makes you look fabulously African.

SEGI’s – Fabulously African!

Contact - +234-8162908025 / +233-267717949

Facebook –

Shop Location – No. 9 Ajose Street, Mende Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria.

Occasions shop, Control Bus stop, Dansoman main road, Accra, Ghana.

SEGI;s bowtie shorts(POR) AND multi-coloured beaded neckpiece (N1,500, GHC15, $10) 

SEGI'S bow-tie shorts, beaded neck-piece AND bow-tie slippers (N2,500, GHC25, $16)

SEGI's small bow-tie bag (N3,500, GHC35, $23)

SEGI's large patchwork bag (N4,500, GHC45,  $28)  AND SEGI's small Aso-Oke bag (N3,000,  GHC30,  $19)

SEGI's small Black Button bag (N3,500 , GHC 35, $23)

SEGI's large red buttoned bag (N4,500, GHC45,  $28)

SEGI's large Ankara bag (N3,500, GHC35, $23)

SEGI's Large Kente Bag (N4,200, GHC42, $26)

SEGI'S bangles (ranging from N700, GHC7, $5 to N1000, GHC10,  $7)

SEGI's Large Aso-oke bag (N4,000, GHC40, $25) 

SEGI's Large Ankara bag (N3,500, GHC35, $23)

SEGI's beaded Neckpiece, Bracelet and earring (N3,000, GHC30,  $19)

SEGI's beaded ring (N500, GHC5, $3) AND  Tiny bracelet each (N200, GHC2,  $2.50)

SEGI's Ankara belt (N700, GHC7, $5)

SEGI's multi-connected beaded bracelet  (N1,500, GHC15,  $10)

SEGI's beaded neckpiece (N1,500, GHC15, $10)

SEGI's ankara tank-top (N2,500, GHC25, $16) AND Beaded wristwatch and matching earring (N1,500, GHC15, $10)

SEGI's Small Ankara bag (N2,500, GHC25,  $16)

SEGI's Ankara tank-top (N2,500, GHC25,  $16)

SEGI's Ankara tank-top (N2,500, GHC25,  $16)

Photography – Ayokummi Photography

Makeup - Andrea Joan and Casa Myrrh

Models - PAGES Models;Tracy and Mercy

Stylist - Eloho 

To purchase and for enquires; email us at

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