Thursday, 15 August 2013

Presenting our 2013 collection lookbook

Started in 2011, SEGI’s the African Accessory Label owned by Daphne Akatugba presents its 2013 collection lookbook. This collection presents bags, wallets and belts focusing on the Adire fabric and showing how stunning our made-in-Nigeria fabrics can be.

SEGI’s is an African Fashion accessory brand dedicated to the creation of beautiful bags, wallets and belts using African fabrics. Inspired by the desire to infuse African fabrics in a stylish way into our everyday wear, provide you with beautiful pieces and fantastic finish; SEGI’s is the label that makes you look fabulously African.

For more information visit | Email:| Like the Facebook page | Follow on Twitter | Follow on Instagram | +234-816-290-8025 or +234-817-920-5340

Stockists:| S’ Mofenik; 9 Ajose Street, Mende, Surulere, Lagos |


Photographer: Ayokunmi Omole

Make-up Artist: Omosalewa for OluMakeovers

Stylist: Eloho
Models: Maimuna Salihu and Tife Ogundokun for PAGES Modelling Agency

Monday, 6 May 2013


SEGI's is a brand that's growing day by day, baby steps I keep saying and we are getting there. Did you know we are now in three(3) stores in Lagos? Maryland, Iju Road and Yaba (look to your right for the exact addresses and stop carrying last)

 Some months back, I wanted a logo for SEGI's - an identity for it and I knew just the right person to call - Dara; my one time assistant editor of PAGES Magazine (well the edition is still in the pipeline...hehehe). She was the first person i saw that had a passion for the magazine work like it was hers and though i never told her then, i was greatly impressed.

Dara had shown me some works of hers and i loved them.

After explaining what i wanted to her, she came up with this and i was thoroughly impressed again.

The SEGI's logo - I wanted it to represent a haven that was over flowing with African fabrics that were used to create amazing pieces and that's what I see when I look at the logo, and I have one person to thank for bringing it to life - Oluwadara Adaja. She's just 20 years old and a Student of Economics in the University of Ghana, Legon. Her interests include Art, Fashion and Food (I like this part)

If you're a young-growing business like SEGI's and need a logo or any amazing artwork, do contact her. See more of her work below!!

Business name: "Hippo Art"
Contact details: Phone number: (+233)024122140
Email address:
We love our Logo, We love Dara!


Thursday, 28 March 2013

J'ODIE rocks SEGI's in her 'AFRICAN WOMAN' video

J'ODIE rocks SEGI's accessories - bangles and earrings in her African Woman video! We love the video and the song! Amazing song-writer and vocalist that she is, we wish her all the best! Watch below:


Love the accessories you see? Drop your comments and let us know!!!

SEGI's - FABULOUSLY AFRICAN and so is J'odie - *wink*

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


9 months after our Anniversary sale, if you missed it, check out the photos: SEGI's is giving you another reason to stay fabulously African in the month of March as we present the AMAZING SEGI's GIVEAWAY!

On Saturday;16th of March 2013, SEGI's will be at the The Mobile Market: No. 9B Isaac John Street, G.R.A Ikeja giving to you; our customers and lovers again (wide smile)! All you have to do is be there (9b Issac John, Ikeja) , pick the item you love and get it at its discounted price!!

You have a tight schedule and can't be there? Or just too lazy to leave your house (we know those people) No worries! SEGI's will be putting up photos of each item on their twitter and facebook pages as well as their blog every 5 minutes! Fastest fingers gets the items posted and they can be delivered to you at a very low cost, anywhere in Nigeria!

Still want further discounts??? Then do one or all of these:

1) Follow us on twitter; you get 5% off the item: @segisonline

2) Like our facebook page and get 5% off:

3) Follow our blog and get 5% off:

Items being given away include ankara/aso-oke/kente bags, belts, ankara designed tank tops and buttoned tops, ankara wrap skirts, foot wears and many more! Items as low as 500 naira and not more than 6,000 naira!

When you follow or like us: send us a message so we know and we can reply with a special code just for you (James Bond things)

Remember, prices of these items would only be that low on the 16th of March! So! Call a loved one and let's get Shopping!

Thursday, 3 January 2013

2013 - My Year of...?


This Christmas and New Year holiday has been very sober for me. Extremely sober - infact no need for English - absolutely boring! *sigh* Thanks to my NYSC programme I couldn't travel to Accra to spend the holiday with my family (for some weird reason as I typed that I hoped one NYSC official would read and just give me an award, it would make it all worth it, maybe I should send it as a broadcast to my bbm contacts and add; Please keep broadcasting till it reaches the NYSC officials – yeah right!). So no family and I never imagined how lonely that could feel.

I nearly hit rock bottom, no anxiety to cook Christmas morning rice and chicken, no visitors (no one wants to visit a single girl with no rice and chicken and no money to give away) but all in all! I made it to 2013!

I dragged myself into church at 11:15pm on New Year's Eve and couldn’t help (even in my down state) to feel that surge of excitement as we counted down into 2013. Finally it’s here! 2013, what would it bring? What would be achieved this year? I haven’t seen any posters like I used to see in 2009 etc. with “2009 – my year of restoration” and so forth. Maybe it’s too early to say. I should go and check cars as they pass. The pastor didn’t say any of those either so I’m going to come up with mine!


This year no resolutions on diet; that is one of the hardest resolutions to maintain! I did it last year, won’t fool myself again I’m looking forward to my life post-NYSC for sure, wrapping up in February and going into PR, SEGI’s is going to spread out to more shops in Lagos and Abuja and PAGES Models are going to be everywhere! Yep!

It’s going to be a busy year, I hope. I like busy.

Still cracking my head about what tag line to use for the year; I want one sha, to me, it’s like a prophesy, a declaration, a proclamation of good things of come! I think we should all have one. Do you have one? What is yours? Maybe it would help me come up with mine. Hmmm!

2013…My Year of….



NB: ODE – isn’t my name, it’s the Urhobo way of saying ‘till tomorrow’ or ‘goodnight’ (shortened way)