Monday, 23 July 2012


I believe there comes a time in every girl's life where she gets tired of being in a relationship (well, i think so sha). I mean, yeah, the beginning phase is always the sweetest; when they fuss over you, woo you, chase you...blah, blah, blah. And then, the real wahala starts; the reduced number of calls, the disgusting habits that you just sigh over and keep on bearing, the real thing starts. Then for some, well depending on which stage you are in Life, the whole thing ends. And it's back to square one. Depending again on where you are, you could be excited about starting again or you could be just plain tired.

I think to myself, do i want to meet yet another guy who will 'sweep me off my feet', 'make my heart race' again, cause those butterflies and tightings in my stomach and then make it all stop and then start the drama of 'he hasn't called in three days' all AGAIN? Some people say it's kissing frogs to find the prince. But after kissing so many frogs, they leave a funny taste in your mouth!

Can't we just go back to the times when Daddy and Mummy will see that I'm ripe and ready for the plucking and find one man (after the usual investigating) from a good background, with no surprises to spring up in the future and just give me away to? There comes a time when a girl is tired of meeting a  total stranger, not knowing which skeleton he has in his cupboard, falling in love with him only to have her heart broken again and have to pick the pieces herself (ofcourse with some friends around to tell her how she is better off without the 'ex') and the START AGAIN.

An Indian woman was interviewed on her wedding day; it was an arranged marriage. She was asked if she didn't see anything wrong in it, she said she didn't, that her parents' marriage was arranged and see them today, happy and still together, she would grow to love her husband. Easy, simple, maybe a solution for a lot of us.

Please if you are not tired, me I am oh! Arrangee marriage is not looking bad anymore!


Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Omolara sings from her soul! she belts tunes that make you open your mouth in awe. She sings divinely! I'm not just blowing her trumphet. This is FACT! If you love good music and want to judge for yourself then you MUST watch her perform live!

Having worked on several projects with Cobhams Asuquo, written songs for Asa, Bez, Chidinma, and more, you can bet that this lady will deliver! If you remember the ETISALAT easy cliq song, then you'd have heard a bit of her.

Join her:
DATE: Thursday, 12th July 2012
VENUE: Terra Kulture, Plot 1376 Tiamiyu Savage, Off Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island Lagos.
TIME: 7pm


What better way to relax after a hard day's work, than with Omolara soothing your soul with wonderful melodies.

I have bragged! If she wasn't as good as I described, come, I'll give you your transport money back!


This was Omolara's 1st single: BE LIKE YOURS

A song for Nigeria: TRANSFORMATION

My Favorite song of all time: LOVER (a Wedding Song)

Follow Omolara on twitter: @omolaramusic


Sunday, 1 July 2012


UPDATED: 7:15PM 1/7/2012

WOW! FINALLY the SEGI's Anniversary Blog Sale is here! I hope you love the items as much as I do and of course take advantage of the discounted prices, don't be selfish, call a friend to join in! *wink*!

So, the rules are:

1) Look through the pictures and pick your favorite item.

 2) Send the item number to our mailbox, with your Name, Phone number and exact Address.

3) A reply shall be sent to you immediately.

4) First email sender on an item wins.

5) Tank tops fits size 4-12

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NOTE; - Irrespective of where you are in Nigeria, we can deliver to you. For those in Ghana; you can pick-up your items at OCCASSIONS SHOP/SCHOOL in Dansoman, Control or Sharp Curve in Accra or in Kumasi.


Item 1: yellow buttoned tank top (SOLD)
Price: N2,700, GHC 27

Item 2: SEGI's LE bag(SOLD)
Price: N5000 , GHC50

Item 3: Ankara SC earrings (comes with matching bangle @ N700, GHC7)
Price: N500, GHC5

Item 4: Bangle (SOLD)
Price: N700, GHC7

Item 5: beaded ring
Price: 400, GHC4

Item 6: SEGI's LE bag (SOLD)
Price: N5000 , GHC50

Item 7: SEGI's LE bag (SOLD)
Price: N5000 , GHC50

Item 8: Bangle A,B,C (left-right)
Price: N700, GHC7

Item 9: Belt (SOLD)
Price: N600 GHC6

*Belt has a matching bag - price N2000, GHC20
*same bag as item 7

Item 10: beaded round earring
Price: N500 GHC5

Item 11: SEGI's bow-tie shorts (small/medium) (SOLD)
Price: N3,200 GHC32

*same ring as item 5

Item 12: yellow buttoned/plaited tank top
Price: N2,700, GHC 27

Item 13: purple wrapped skirt (small/medium)
Price: N3,000, GHC30

Item 14: black buttoned tank top (available in pink & red as well)
Price: N2,700, GHC 27

Item 15a: Black bow-tie cutie bag (SOLD)
Price: N2,700, GHC27

*same earring and beaded ring as above

Item 15b: Cutie bag (SOLD)
Price: N2000, GHC20

Item 16: Belt (SOLD)
Price: N600, GHC6

Item 17: mixed ankara bangle (Limted edition) (SOLD)
Price: 900

Item 18: cutie bag (in front) (SOLD)
Price: N2000, GHC20

Item 19: cutie bag(behind, bigger) (SOLD)
Price: N3000, GHC30

Item 20: Belt
Price: N600, GHC6

Item 21: beaded wristwatch (SOLD)
Price: N1,500, GHC15

Item 21A: cutie bag (in front)
Price: N2000, GHC20

Item 21B: cutie bag(behind, bigger)
Price: N3000, GHC30

Item 22: Large Black bow-tie cutie bag
Price: N3,500, GHC35

Item 23: cutie bag
Price: N2000, GHC20

Item 24: SEGI's SC earring A, B (right-left)
Price: N500, GHC5

Item 25: Black + green aso-oke bag (SOLD)
Price: N3500, GHC35

Item 26: Patchwork bag (LIMITED) (SOLD)
Price: N4,500, GHC45

Item 27: SEGI's Jite bag (SOLD)
Price: N4,500, GHC45

Item 28: Ankara bangles A,B,C (top-bottom)
Price: N700, GHC7
*bangles A and C have matching SC earrings for N500/GHC5 each

Item 29: SEGI's Jite bag (SOLD)
Price: N4,500, GHC45

Item 30: SEGI's Jite bag
Price: N4,500, GHC45

Item 31: SEGI's Ese bag (gold chain) (SOLD)
Price: N5000, GHC50

Item 32: SEGI's Ese bag (silver chain)
Price: N5000, GHC50

Item 33: SEGI's Ese bag (silver chain)
Price: N5000, GHC50

Item 34: SEGI's Ese bag (gold chain) (SOLD)
Price: N5000, GHC50

Item 35: OTI's beaded neckpiece + earring
Price: N2000, GHC20

Item 35A: OTI's beaded neckpiece
Price: N3000, GHC30

Item 36: OTI's beaded neckpiece A,B (comes with matching earring and wristwatch) ,C (top-bottom)
Price: N1500, GHC15 each
Price for B: N2,500 GHC25

Item 37: OTI's multi-coloured beaded neckpiece A(in), B(out) (SOLD)
Price: N1000, GHC10 each

Item 38: OTI's beaded neckpiece (green, light blue, bi-coloured)
Price: N1,200, GHC12 (each)

Item 39: Bangles (right) A (mixed fabrics + earrings (N500)) - N900, B, C -has matching earring- N500 (top-bottom)
Price: N700, GHC7 except A) (SOLD)

Item 40: Bangles (left) A (same as item 4), B- has matching earring, C -mixed fabric - N900(top-bottom)
Price: N700, GHC7 (except C) (SOLD)

Item 41: beaded ring
Price: N400, GHC4

Item 42: Bangles (left) A, B - has matching earrings - N500, C (inside out)
Price: N700, GHC7 (SOLD)

Item 43: Royal beaded spiral bracelet
Price: N1000, GHC10 (you can purchase half - N500, GHC5)

Item 44: beaded tiny bracelets (SOLD)
Price: N150, GHC1.50 each

Item 45: belt
Price: N600, GHC6

Item 46:  beaded ring - RIGHT - middle finger (A), fourth finger (B), fifth finger (C)
Price: N400, GHC4

Item 47: beaded ring - LEFT - thumb (A), Index finger (B), fourth finger (C), fifth finger (D) (SOLD)
Price: N300, GHC3

Item 48: SEGI's SC earring
Price: N500, GHC5

Item 49: SEGI's FC earring (right - A(SOLD), left - B)
Price: N500, GHC5

Item 50: SEGI's belt A,B,C,D,E,F(SOLD),G (top-bottom)
Price: N600, GHC6
                                                *A & G have matching slippers, you can request for a photo)

Item 51: NECK - SEGI's belt (red, orange, torquoise blue)
Price: N600, GHC6

Item 52: WAIST - SEGI's belt A,B,C,D,E, (top-bottom)
Price: N600, GHC6

Item 53: SEGI's ruffle front tank top
Price: N2,400, GHC24

Item 54: SEGI's wrap skirt (small-medium)
Price: N3000, GHC30

Item 55: SEGI's LE bag (SOLD)
Price: N5000 , GHC50

Item 56: SEGI's bow-tie tank top
Price: N2,200, GHC22

Item 57: Large Red bow-tie cutie bag (SOLD)

Price: N3,500, GHC35

Item 58: Orange buttoned tank top (SOLD)
Price: N2,700, GHC 27

Item 59: OTI's GIFT SET -  beaded neckpiece + bracelet + earring
Price: N2500, GHC25

Item 60: Kente bag
Price: N3500, GHC35


Photography : Ayokummi Omole : 08133066978/ 08120461435
Make-Up by OMATA (bridal/gele tying/ training): BB:26CC3877 08069720853
Stylist:  Eloho
PAGES MODELS: Temmie, Tracy, Anita, Ari and Tife: / @pagesmodels