Thursday, 28 June 2012


With SEGI's Anniversary blog sale just 3 DAYS AWAY (I can't even lie, I'm anxious and nervous). I've decided to appreciate my customers so far. Please note that this photo spread is not of ALL my customers but of those that send me photos and those I stole off DPs on Blackberry messenger. If you have a SEGI's item and I failed to put up your picture please PING me till my battery dies or email me that photo at

Enjoy and to those I featured you rock! If you don't like the picture I stole and put here of you, biko, I am a PING away and an email away, I shall do justice to what is due. God bless you!

Nene; one of my first and best customers! Also excited to make new purchases. Here she rocks a VERY LIMITED SEGI's clutch! Just one of its kind!

Here is NENE again, rocking a SEGI's ruffle rose tank top at a party!

NK rocks SEGI's large purple buttoned bag.

BECKY is rocking SEGI's small red buttoned bag. Pairing it with her black and white ensemble makes it pop!

AMAKA (right) rocks a SEGI's cutie bag.

AMINA is carrying another design of SEGI's small red buttoned bag.

AYOKUMMI; photographer and friend of the brand rocks this SEGI's ruffled front tank top.

CHICHI rocks a SEGI's flair neck tank top! We love it!

EFE is carrying a SEGI's large black aso-oke bag, VERY LIMITED as well.

ESTHER; a friend and personal person of the brand, rocks SEGI's colour-blocking bangle! Yummy!

ESTHER rocks a SEGI's large cutie bag and belt.

JENNIFER (on the right), stylist and CEO of House of Dubem rocks SEGI's large cutie bag.

MERCY rocks SEGI's large Kente bag, LIMITED EDITION.

LYSA rocks SEGI's small cutie bag.

NGOZI; makeup artiste and CEO of Andrea Joan is carrying a SEGI's small red bow-tie bag

What we love about this customer rocking SEGI's large cutie bag? She shows that you can rock an ankara bag on an ankara dress and be ON POINT!

TOSAN SCOTT, musician rocks SEGI's ruffle front tank top.

JUWON CEO of Stich Rehab carries a SEGI's small red bag with gold chain

She dazzles carrying a SEGI's large buttoned purple bag and wearing a SEGI's tiny belt. WE LOVE IT! Using SEGI'S accessories to spice up her little black dress(LBD)

TOSIN Olorisupergal; blogger wears a SEGI's ruffle rose tank top!


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  1. Beautiful, but the last picture was not flattering. The long skirt made her look shorter.