Monday, 23 July 2012


I believe there comes a time in every girl's life where she gets tired of being in a relationship (well, i think so sha). I mean, yeah, the beginning phase is always the sweetest; when they fuss over you, woo you, chase you...blah, blah, blah. And then, the real wahala starts; the reduced number of calls, the disgusting habits that you just sigh over and keep on bearing, the real thing starts. Then for some, well depending on which stage you are in Life, the whole thing ends. And it's back to square one. Depending again on where you are, you could be excited about starting again or you could be just plain tired.

I think to myself, do i want to meet yet another guy who will 'sweep me off my feet', 'make my heart race' again, cause those butterflies and tightings in my stomach and then make it all stop and then start the drama of 'he hasn't called in three days' all AGAIN? Some people say it's kissing frogs to find the prince. But after kissing so many frogs, they leave a funny taste in your mouth!

Can't we just go back to the times when Daddy and Mummy will see that I'm ripe and ready for the plucking and find one man (after the usual investigating) from a good background, with no surprises to spring up in the future and just give me away to? There comes a time when a girl is tired of meeting a  total stranger, not knowing which skeleton he has in his cupboard, falling in love with him only to have her heart broken again and have to pick the pieces herself (ofcourse with some friends around to tell her how she is better off without the 'ex') and the START AGAIN.

An Indian woman was interviewed on her wedding day; it was an arranged marriage. She was asked if she didn't see anything wrong in it, she said she didn't, that her parents' marriage was arranged and see them today, happy and still together, she would grow to love her husband. Easy, simple, maybe a solution for a lot of us.

Please if you are not tired, me I am oh! Arrangee marriage is not looking bad anymore!



  1. Hi Ode,
    Thats every single girls fear,kissing too many frogs but again Love is a risk that sometimes we have to take,am also in that point where i don know whether am ready to date again but hey its a risk i wouldnt mind taking maybe just maybe my prince is out there somewhere.

  2. Daphne good one there, it brings to mind a question I have always asked may be you can give me a perfect answer. Do we grow into love or is all about the feelings we have at first sight(some call it "love at first Sight)?"

  3. Aranged marriage is not bad if you can't find a good man and you find yourself liking the guy selected for you. Girls oppose only when they have found someone they love or don't like the person they arrange for them. The girl that wins is the one that marries a man that loves her and she loves back regardless of how the marriage came to be.

  4. U just spoke my mind. I have just kissed only 2 frogs but i think I'm tried already. Cause u are no sure how d next will be, if it will be d prince or just d normal frog.:*