Sunday, 2 September 2012


These items are available and can be delivered to you anywhere you are. Send an email with item number to and get it!

Item 1: SEGI's  LE Bag
PRICE: 6,500 NR

Item 2: SEGI's wrap skirt
PRICE: 3,000 NR

Item 3: SEGI's buttoned top
PRICE: 3,500 NR

Item 4: SEGI's bow-tie bag
PRICE: 3,500 NR

Item 5: Beaded ring

Item 6: SEGI's aso-oke bag
PRICE: 4000 NR

Item 7: SEGI's bangles
PRICE: 1000

Item 8: SEGI's Ese Bag
PRICE: 6,200

Item 9: SEGI'S Ese bag
PRICE: 6.200 NR

Item 10: Beaded neck pieces
PRICE: 2,000 NR each

Item 11: SEGI's beaded wristwatch
PRICE: 1,500 NR

Item 12: SEGI's beaded long neckpiece
PRICE:1,500 NR each

Item 13: Beaded multi-colour
PRICE: 1,500 NR

Item 14: SEGI's spiral beads
PRICE: 1000 NR

Item 15: SEGI'S Belts(1st and 5th (has matching wallet of 1,500 NR)
PRICE: 800

Item 16: SEGI's belts - WAIST (1st, 3rd and 5th) NECK (Orange+ black combo)

ITEM 17: Wrapped skirt
PRICE: 3000 NR

Item 18: SEGI's tank top
PRICE: 2,500 NR

Item 19: SEGI's sm cutie bag
PRICE: 2,500 NR

Item 20: SEGI'S LG Cutie bag
PRICE: 3,500 NR

NR: NAIRA. You can send an email to to know the price in GHANA CEDIS or other currencies!

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