Thursday, 6 October 2011

SEGI's Omote Ezi top Collection

SEGI's Omote Ezi ruffle front top

SEGI's Omote Ezi bow-tie top

SEGI's Omote Ezi's ruffle rose top

Omote Ezi ruffle rose top + belt

Omote Ezi sleeves

Omote Ezi sleeves + belt

Omote Ezi button top

Omote Ezi neck-piece top

SEGI's Omote Ezi's bow-tie top

SEGI's Omote Ezi's ruffle neck top


  1. I really really like....came from your comment on Linda's blog.
    what texture is the belt? I mean, is it leather with the ankara on it or is it just a cloth belt?
    And this last top...very very nice!

  2. Thank you! Trying to get more people informed. It's like leather with ankara on it and it's very durable. Can be worn on jeans and more.

  3. same with me, came from your comment on linda's blog. you really are creative. am an Ankara Junkie and am loving your pieces. now following your blog, you can check mine out