Saturday, 3 December 2011

Helen Anyamelune - MISS NIGERIA 1958 needs your help!

Researching one of my favourite activities - pageants, I came across this news about one of our old Queens and I believe this should touch your heart (Unless na stone dey there). Please read and assist in any way you can.

Crowned Miss Nigeria in 1958, when Nigeria was very close to independence, She was the second young lady to be so crowned in the history of beauty pageant in Nigeria. She was the epitome of beauty but one would hardly believe this on seeing Helen  now. Age and sickness have ravaged that beauty, leaving a shell of that stunning beauty. Today, Helen lives in a state of sickness and abandonment. She is equally wheel-chair stuck.

Today, Helen Anyamelune is penniless, after having spent all her money on the sickness that has ravaged her body. An indigene of Ugbodu community in Aniocha North Local Government area of defunct Bendel State, now Delta State, for her the only time she was ever offered a lifeline was during the tenure of former governor of Delta State, Chief James Ibori.

Narrating her ordeal in an interview with our correspondent of National Mirror On-line; Helen seated on a wheel chair in tears said, "Nigeria my country has forsaken me". For several years now Miss Nigeria 1958 has been sick and confined to a wheel chair and no assistance of any kind. At this juncture, she burst into tears asking rhetorically again, "What have I done to Nigeria to warrant this neglect that not even the government can come to my aid and assist me in whatever way it could?"

I have been suffering from stroke for several years now and I know if the state or the federal government had come to my aid by now, my health would have improved and who knows, I might not have ended in a wheel chair like this. While appealing to government at all levels, NGOs, corporate bodies, individuals and leaders of Nigeria and Nigerians to come to her aid and not to allow the labour of their heroes past to be in vain, Helen lamented the situation where after promoting and making one's nation proud, you will then be neglected and abandoned by the same nation, upon suffering a misfortune. Still in tears, Helen in her seventies, ended up by saying that a nation that does not honour or come to the aid of her heroes when in difficulties, will soon have no heroes. Till date as I talk, I am alone, responsible for all my medical treatment; the bill is borne by me. I have sold all my property in Lagos just to take care of my present condition but all to no avail. If government, NGOs or anybody could offer me support, I will receive it wholeheartedly.

In her time, the pageant was not as lucrative and exalted as it is today. Government should always remember those who projected and promoted the country's image positively, as the labour of our heroes past must not be in vain, according to our National Anthem, Helen's sister said.

For those willing to help Helen, the stroke-struck, wheelchair- ridden ex-Miss Nigeria, contact her through the following mobile lines: Gloria-08062291890 and Steven - 08038332869.

*sigh* oya, spread the word, help in any way you can. And those who know Auntie Nike should alert her so she can call on some more powerful people to help!


source - National Mirror Online

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