Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A Week to Christmas! What are you doing?

 WOW! It’s the last two weeks of the year and I can already feel the rush and craziness of Lagos. Tension in the air over meeting the targets of the year; this is very evident by the mass overkill of police checkpoints in Lagos State! I mean every junction has a checkpoint and the eyes of these police men dey red no be small! Any small thing they are ready to use you to fulfill their Christmas wish!

So at this time; have your license and all car documents in hand and ready for checking! The one that baffled me most was when on the 11th of December, it was the turn of the POLICE WOMEN and oh boy! They were not smiling! Things are hard!

There is also anticipation in the air, what would this Christmas holiday bring and of course what would the New Year have for us. Babes are not smiling here oh! BBM status updates and display pictures are filled with Christmas gift wishes; shoes, watches, clothes, perfumes, Ipads and so on! And they are dishing out love in large quantities; guys get yours now!

Everyone is rounding up for the holiday and although my Christmas spirit isn’t out yet(not like I’m expecting it so much, I always look forward to the New Year more), I’m looking forward to it! The whole family in one house; that would be fun and of course crazy.

Right now I’m thinking of what I should include in my New Year’s resolution; I have ‘healthy lifestyle’ at number one like I did last year and last two years and I never go beyond doing sit-ups the first three days of the new year but at least I try…this year I shall stick to it! *serious face* 

One other thing that keeps lurking in my mind is that it’s 2012! Oh my God it’s 2012! Or am I the only paranoid one? The movie ‘2012’ is still so real in my mind! What if that happens? Okay! Maybe I’m the only paranoid one…but still… OK! 

My Christ Embassy friends will be disappointed in me…I should only speak positive things! IT SHALL NOT MANIFEST ITSELF!

As you prepare for the New Year, remember to show lots of love. Smile to that old woman you pass by, even the very old man(regardless of him winking at you).

Smile at the market woman that is trying to throw her marital frustration on you; she needs it.

Smile at the people rendering you some service; no matter how wacky their service is, they deserve some respect. 

Have an excitement filled week! I shall now proceed to Agege market with the long list my mother has written and do my house girl duties! 


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