Wednesday, 22 February 2012

15 Most Beautiful Miss Worlds!

If Agbani Darego was not on the list, this video would not have even made it here sef! So, just to let you know, she's inside. Watch to see which number. She's not number 1 sha; we all know Aishwarya Rai from India is the most beautiful of all! That woman eh! Hmmm! As for number 4, she no suppose dey the list. Simple. Enjoy!

NB: I'm sure you'll all agree with me that number 13 from China and I share striking resemblance! The round face, nice eyes. I know we do! *wink*


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  1. i have watched it it and i must agree with u without her psssshhh!!! nothing!!!
    anyhu bdw thanks for Ur comment on my site and come thru again and follow back like u promised u will thanks