Thursday, 26 January 2012

CONFESSION: Why I Cried in Church!

Growing up, I was very active in church, i was in the choir, drama group and there was even once i taught children in kindergaten, that was before my teens(that doesn't mean I'm not active again oh, in fact I still it all now except drama)! I loved going for rehearsals and catching up with friends, mehhhnnn to us, we were the 'it' girls.

Now, in every choir (well mine sha) the choristers always look up to and admire the choir leader/ perfect soloist (now that I think back she wasn't so fantastic sha but then who dash us voice sef? so to us, she was Celine Dion) She was always leading songs and she knew every part; alto, tenor, soprano, she was awesome in our eyes! Now sometimes during worship, she would be singing and crying, shedding buckets of tears; that time I and my two best-friends back then would be amazed at why she was crying. Other older girls and women would be crying too, so we would think (in our 7, 8 and 9 year old minds) that "eeeeyyyahhh! she is really going through a tough time". Once we saw our pastor's wife cry and we said to ourselves "she is crying because she didn't have a child". Every worship time, our eyes will be slightly opened because we wanted to count the people that had problems at home, then we would sit and sympathise with them.

Behold one Saturday, our pastor decided to preach about emotion in church (e be like say the man dey see us as we dey open eye for church). he talked about being in the spirit during worship, and that if we were, we would be so touched that we would cry. GBAM! That was it! They were crying because they were touched, that's what we thought! Oh boy! From that day, you go fear cry na! Every worship, we would wait for peak time (you know that time when the songs don gather momentum, people dey speak in tongues and such, that kind time) we(i and my two friends) would knee in slow motion, start to cry by force oh! Some days the tears go drop, other days na shout we dey shout sometimes we wan even nack body for ground but shame no fit let me. Then after church we would meet and ask the big question "did you feel the spirit?"

Fast forward 12 years after that, I have come to realise how silly I was, people just didn't cry because they had to or for drama.When I worship my King and Saviour, and I think of how awesome he is and how much undeserved love he gives me, day in, day out, and how he brings me out of the darkest times I'm awed and touched and overwhelmed that I have goosebumps,  and then I cry, yes  I cry.


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  1. Bright Herman Lifelot28 January 2012 at 10:51

    Yes! I saw myself doing the same when i was young. But for me, what really baffles me is the way people speak in tongues. It all sound so different...and it make me laugh. So even exhibit a particular kind of movement... But i was too young to understand so sometimes i speak my own tongues.
    And till date it still baffles me when i see people speak in tongues.
    Honestly, i think some people just formulated it. . . "it sounds so falsified"