Saturday, 21 January 2012

Founder of Sahara Reporters; Sowore Omoyele leds protesters to shut down hall meeting in NY!

Okay, the whole protest period (at least the serious one) is over and normalcy is beginning to return. I didn't want to blog about it but then I saw this video and I just couldn't resist it! I was shocked!

Here's my Comment:
I am baffled at this video and ashamed of it. I sit watching and thinking about the million others that must have seen this video and I cringe. I am on nobody's side but i watch this from an unbiased perspective. Foremost I was a bit taken aback that the ministers or people in charge were sitting down for the anthem but then, I watched again and it seems the video has been fast-forwarded with a voice over laced on it, if you look closely, you would see that the 'MC' was speaking into the mic and yet no words were heard at 00:16 and 00:26. So this was edited by Sahara reporters.Maybe with the intention of making us all not see that, or maybe not. Now to the protesters and it's leader. I was highly disappointed. There are better ways for him to send forth his message without being so so disrespectful. He disgraced the very nation he was trying to stand up for. He was loud, lousy and absolutely immature. The crowning disappointment was watching him tell the US police that these people killed 20 people in Nigeria. Wow! Sowore, was that your way of looking good? Did you all notice how they quickly dispersed upon seeing the US police? I was expecting them to stand their ground and keep on shouting like kindergarten children. It was a good step to make their voice heard but the way they went about it was so shameful. Calling them 'bastards and so on! Come on, you could have done better. Unfortunately for him, the officials behaved themselves; I suspect he went with the intention of getting more drama from the others than he got! God bless Nigeria.

Note: It was led by the founder of Sahara Reporters, Sowore Omoyele. --- Oga, clap for yourself!

Well, that is me, you're free to differ!

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