Thursday, 12 January 2012


Happy New Year!

Now, auditions are coming up at one of the biggest production companies in Accra, Ghana and I’ve decided to share a few tips to upcoming actors and actresses who may have not been to an audition before. Well, after conducting several auditions for about six years, I believe I can give some helpful tips (clears throat) unless of course you're a pro yourself. I’ve conducted auditions and been auditioned several times; so I know what I’m talking about.

Foremost, APPEARANCE! 
I cannot overemphasis this point. This is the first thing those on the audition panel see; your appearance. Yes, your acting is paramount but right at that point, you are trying to sell yourself to the panel and you need to look good. Don’t overdo it. That’s something a lot of people; especially the females do, over-dress. Look good and smell good; no one wants an actor entering the room and killing the panel with body odor.

Secondly, BE EARLY. This will afford you ample time to settle down and study your environment and of course your script. If you report late; you could be given less than five minutes to go through your script and rush into the audition room. This could prevent you from doing your absolute best.

When you are given a script, take your time to STUDY the scenario you’re given. 
Most actors rush to memorize lines first; this is a mistake as without enough understanding of what is going on in the script, you would only end up saying your lines as if you were reciting a poem. Study the scene, understand that character and then get your lines. 

When you enter the audition room, SMILE! 

Yes, your nerves might be killing you but when you smile, it could break the ice (depending on your type of smile though! Lol!). Smile and take a couple of breathes to calm yourself before you start. Don’t rush, take your time so you can bring out your best; but remember, taking your time does not mean sleeping there as there are others waiting for their chance.

Remember to give your best as you have only one shot; usually to prove yourself as a good actor. Don’t forget to have a good photograph of yourself available with your name, age, email and phone number behind it. 

Best of luck! 


  1. Flawless!
    Great tips

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